Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The trip I have been waiting for since I was ten!

When I was little I would imagine living in Ireland for the rest of my life. I saw pictures of cozy homes in green fields, the Quiet Man, horses roaming the countryside, sheep everywhere, and an entire island with not one single snake. This was the land for me. Throughout high school and most of college I had a collage of photos hanging on my wall. This year Steve's mom and grandfather provided a way for us to visit family in Northern Ireland for almost two weeks. We spent a few days in Dublin, but most of the time in Belfast. It was more amazing than I could have imagined. I loved it. We ate great food, reconnected with the Morgan cousins, walked the streets of Belfast for hours, made new friends, visited places I had only imagined, saw where Steve's grandfather was born, and had some of my dreams come true. And I got to share it all with Steve. Check out my pictures - there are more than you will care to look at. Click on the link:

Enjoy. And I hope to have more visits and share more photos with you. We are currently saving for Ireland 2011. A trip with the kids!

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