Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Pictures

Happy New Year!!! Wow. Can you believe that 2011 is here!? What will this year bring? A daughter who goes off to college. A second daughter driving! A son who will turn 13. And twenty three years of marriage! Am I ready for this?

I wasn't ready for a family picture, though! Most of you who know me know that I detest getting my picture taken. But I have a beautiful family and am very happy for you to see my handsome husband and amazing kiddos! So - you guessed it - I gave in. A wonderful family friend, an an awesome photographer/college student, Jordyn Gehret agreed to graciously and patiently take our photo. I am SO pleased with them. She is the best!!

So, without further adue - here they are:

Can't forget the one where you can tell by looking at me how much I just LOVE this process. :)

And finally...

So Jordyn made us look pretty good!
We hope that you have excitement about this new year. We pray that God will draw you closer to Himself and show you yet again how faithful and merciful and glorious He is!!
Happy New Year!

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