Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Reading

I love the dog days of summer. You get to be a little irresponsible and read a little longer than usual. So what are you reading? Here's my list:

My reading list is never without a Wendell Berry book. I am currently reading A Place on Earth. I had been reading his poetry lately - so I am glad to get back to Port William, Kentucky to its membership, farm lands, way of life, and reflections on family and faith and community. This Southern author has become my favorite - he is a prophet of the future and at the same time a chief rememberer. His words flow through my head every day and add a sweetness to much of what I do.

I just finished For the City by Darrin Patrick and Matt Carter. I highly recommend it. These two mean speak candidly about their churches and their efforts to show the love of Christ to their communities. Here are a few snippets: "A church for the city will release everyday missionaries into their neighborhoods so that they can bring to their neighbors a taste of gospel-centered community (pg. 97)." There is a discussion on missional communities: "Missional communities are structured and designed so that they focus on identifying the needs of their neighbors, serving them as a demonstration of the gospel (Pg. 122)." If serving your city is something you are passionate about this is a must read.

Next on my list is Forgotten God by Francis Chan. This is my first book by him. I am excited to see what he has to say about living in the power of the Holy Spirit - and challenging our pre-conceived ideas about what being spirit filled means. "...take God at His Word and believe that the Spirit is meant to dwell in and guide our lives. When it comes down to it, many of us do not really want to be led by the Holy Spirit... many of us don't want to be led by anyone other than ourselves (Pg. 50)."

I am about one third of the way through A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester. I am thoroughly enjoying this. He is taking us through many of the meals that Jesus shared with those around him - lepers and sinners and tax collectors. The implications of this on their lives were startling... and I am called to be like Christ in this way. Sharing a meal with those in my community is such a sweet blessing. The subtitle is: Discovering Grace, Community, and Mission around the Table. I know I will post more about this later when I have finished it!!

What should I read next? A friend just sent me a book about an American living in Khiva, Uzbekistan which I can't wait to start... anything else you would recommend?


Megan Ashley said...
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Kristy said...

I love hearing about your reads and quotes from them - cool post. I'd like to read from Wendell Berry sometime - I'll have to get a recommendation from you sometime! Love you.

Megan Ashley said...

If you like the one by Fancis Chan then you should definitely read "Crazy Love". It is amazing, challenging, and it gave me great respect for him!
Also, "A Sweet and Bitter Providence" by John Piper is WONDERFUL!!! It works through the book of Ruth and is by far, one of my top favorite books ever!
Happy reading! :)