Friday, August 8, 2014

Still Celebrating! 25 wedding photos from 25 year ago

Things I remember about August 4, 1989

  • It was the 80's!  Puffy sleeves, big hair, big bows, the mullet (which would not be called the mullet for a very long time!) 
  • Sewing the bridesmaids dresses with my mom and Aunt Pat
  • Family and friends!  
  • 100 degrees!
  • Donuts with my family for breakfast.
  • Crying - lots of crying!
  • My mom getting excited that Steve had planned to cut his hair before the ceremony - except he just shaved the sides!  :) (see photo below)
  • My matron of honor stabbing me in the head with a bobby-pin  (see photo below)
  • Getting trapped in the restroom because Steve was hovering right outside the door - trying to see me before the ceremony
  • Having to run back to the restroom to grab my flowers - I almost walked down the aisle without them!
  • Looking at the floor the ENTIRE time that I walked down the aisle (again, see photo below)
  • Isaiah 53 - the passage my dad spoke out of when he performed the ceremony - so happy that he
    agreed to do the wedding for us  (Now that I am older I realize what a big thing we were asking him to do!)
  • Greg, Steve's brother and best man, being so serious
  • Mr. Byrum praying during the ceremony
  • Steve having to raise my veil in order to kiss the bride
  • Introducing Steve to so many family and friends during the receiving line -one of my favorite parts of the day  
  • Meeting some of Steve's family for the first time - all the way from California and Michigan!
  • At the reception, I didn't want to leave my parents and sisters because I was leaving that day - for a quick honeymoon, then CALIFORNIA!  Thus, more crying...
  • Having a groom's cake at the reception - which was a foreign concept to Steve - Welcome to the south.  And yay for chocolate! (see photo below)
  • Our saran-wrapped car waiting for us as we left -  Mr. Coin had to help us get in by cutting it with a pocket knife! (see photo below)
  • Birdseed everywhere! 
  • Being SO very happy to being marrying Stevie
Now for the photos...



Andrew and Denise said...

So enjoyed these.... 25 years! What a great thing to be married to your best friend for that long and have many years to come! Thanks for sharing your memories of the day too. Felt like I was there. :) Gods blessings for many more years ahead - Denise Wager Robsky

Lauren said...

Thanks Denise!