Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Generations of Recipes

My mom is an AMAZING cook. We always rave about the holiday celebrations at her table. I have blogged about it before. This Christmas we were discussing the fact that I did not know much about where some of her favorite recipes came from. My Aunt Pat has come to the rescue with all sorts of information. That pumpkin bread recipe that I thought was a sure family secret - well, it wasn't. I am shocked! But that best ever banana cake that I love to make is actually from my grandmother's grandmother, my great-great Mamaw Phillips. So, if I can get my kids to cook it they will be making a recipe that has been handed down for six generations. Pretty cool, don't you think? And my aunt dished up info on other family recipes - some I know and some that I am excited to try. We specialize in pineapple upside down cake (cooked in a cast iron skillet), banana pudding (mmmmmmmm!!) and lemon ice box pie (which I just made for Thanksgiving!). But now I can look forward to trying a five generation carrot cake recipe and fried apple pies from my great-grandmother Lyons. So many thanks to my Mom and Aunt Pat for filling me in on something I love and hope that my kids will grow to love, too.
I leave you with a few pictures of banana cake goodness! Happy Baking!

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Inspired Kara said...

This makes me so happy. What I love even more is that my family has almost all the same recipes, subbing Tennessee stack cake for pumpkin bread. :)

Fried apple pies are the favorite for sure. I can get close, but just not the same as Grandma's.