Friday, December 3, 2010

Quotes from Hannah Coulter

I promised some of my favorite quotes from my favorite book by my favorite author. So here they are.

[If you aren't tempted to read this book after these posts, then that is just sad for you. :)]

From Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry.

Mr Berry perfectly describes how I feel about my children:
"I have this love for Mattie. It was formed in me as he himself was formed. It has his shape, you might say. He fits it. He fits into it as he fits into his clothes. He will always fit into it. When he gets out of the car and I meet him and hug him, there he is, him himself, something of my very own forever, and my love for him goes all around him just as it did when he was a baby and a little boy and a young man grown."

He says what I feel about my mom and the things she taught me:
"As I went about my work then as a young woman, and still now when I am old, Grandmam has been often close to me in my thoughts. And again I come to the difficulty of finding words. It is hard to say what it means to be at work and thinking of a person you loved and love still who did that same work before you and who taught you to do it. It is a comfort ever and always, like hearing the rhyme come when you are singing a song."

He says what I feel about my husband:

"What I was reaching toward in him was his gentleness that had been make in him by loss and grief and suffering... the gentleness I knew in him seemed to be calling out, and it was a gentleness in me that answered. That gentleness, calling and answering, giving and taking, brought us together. It brought us into the room of love. It made our place clear around us."
and also,
"But you may have a long journey to travel to meet somebody in the innermost inwardness and sweetness of that room. You can't get there just by wanting to, or just because the night falls. The meeting is prepared in the long day, in the work of years, in the keeping of faith, in kindness.
The room of love is another world. You go there wearing no watch, watching no clock. It is the world without end, so small that two people can hold it in their arms, and yet it is bigger than worlds on worlds, for it contains the longing of all things to be together, and to be at rest together. You come together to the day's end, weary and sore, troubled and afraid. You take it all into your arms, it goes away and there you are where giving and taking are the same, and you live a little while entirely in a gift. The words have all been said, all permissions given, and you are free in the place that is the two of you together. What could be more heavenly than to have desire and satisfaction in the same room?"

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Anonymous said...

So poetic! I am stirred to read from this author. Thanks! I love discovering a contemporary literary gem as opposed to sinking into the quagmire of authors who rely on trendy and monotonous phrases. There are few books I will give my most prized possession: time. His Word, the Bible, deserves my utmost attention. I will be checking out your suggestions with delight.