Friday, October 26, 2012

Great Article on Pornography

I am the mom of a teenage boy.  I love my son and want him to experience life without the shame, guilt, and degrading effects of porn.  I know we have an uphill battle.  A recent article stated that 66% of men and 40% of women regularly view porn.  It is an epidemic, and it is attacking our young men the most viciously.

I read this article from The Gospel Coalition and feel compelled to share it.  My desire for my husband and my son (and my daughters for that matter) is that they will know the truths of this article.  That is what I desire for my church.  It is what we should be praying for.  It's something we should be talking about.  Too many people are suffering under the weight of sin in silence, trapped by shame.

This is an article by Tim Chester from the Gospel Coalition website.  Share this link with anyone who will read it.

Talk about it.

Porn-Free Church: Sex, God, and the Gospel

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