Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Article - The Self-Righteous Wife

My last post was about showing our husbands respect - whether they deserve it or not... giving respect as a gift.  Well, this article from Gospel Coalition is a great followup to that idea.  So often as wives we believe it is our role to point out the ways that our husbands are not respectable and encourage them to change.  Immediately.  For us.  Oh, how wrong we can be! 

Here is a little snippet:   "Most of my corrections stemmed from a desire to fill some perceived need of mine and had little to do with his sanctification. My desire was that he would change for me, not to please and glorify God. My observations were generally (not always) selfish."

I can't recommend this article enough.  Please read it.

The Self-Righteous Wife by Trillia Newbell

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