Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bring on Summer!

We are a house divided... Isaac and I love the fall and winter.  Steve and the girls love summer.  Now summer is here.  What will it bring?  Just heard my first cricket last night.  Lovely sound.  Waking up to a mourning dove outside my window is heavenly.  Fireflies will show up soon!  All those things are lovely... but humidity?  and sweating?  and sunburns?  Well... all of those are necessary for the very best part of summer - gardening!  More about that later this summer.  Right now, let's take a quick glimpse at what my summer holds.

Our oldest daughter comes home from her second year at college.  Hooray! 

Esther-palooza begins today!  Esther turns 18 at the end of the month.  How can this be?  Plus, she graduates!  Woah.  I am not ready for this...

Isaac will be getting ready for high school.  Can that be right?

Steve and I will celebrate our 24th year of marriage.  Seriously?  Can we be that old?

Then, at the end of our summer, Victoria and Caleb will be getting married!  Again, how can that be?  Wedding planning kicks into overdrive now.

So the close of this summer holds new beginnings for all three of our kiddos - or should I say grown-ups?  Victoria begins the adventure of married life, Esther is off to college and Isaac jumps into high school.  I am so excited for each of them... and nervous... and grateful... and praying that God shows them each a whole new aspect of His love and provision and joyfulness.  He truly is good and great and gracious and glorious!

Well, summer it is.  Here we go!  Can't wait.

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