Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Request

Today is one of those days I dread.  I know so many women do.  So for today, would you do me a favor?  When you pass a woman, one of your friends, would you LOOK at her?  Really look at her?

Take a moment to see her heart - not the external circumstances she is living in.  We as women can be a tough bunch.  "Happy Mother's Day" can be thrown around without much thought.  To many it is a day of sadness - for what has been lost (mother or child) or what has never been.  To many, it is a glorious day to celebrate all that has been given.  And even, it should be a day to celebrate women who aren't mothers (maybe not even married) who have helped you along the way - to be your mom or help as you be a mom.

So please, look at her.  Really look at her.  You may not know what to say, but that is okay.  Maybe that is even better.

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Ann-Marie said...

that was really lovely :)