Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Just a little reminiscing for St Patrick's Day.

In 2008 Steve and I were able to take a dream trip. We went to Northern Ireland with Steve's family - to sightsee and to visit family there. We stayed in the city of Belfast for a week. People say that when you walk the streets of a city you get to know it and love it in such a way that it becomes your own. This was so true for us. Every day we walked for hours - from one end of Belfast to the other. It won our hearts. What fun to explore and retrace steps that his grandfather had walked growing up. We hope to go back some day and take the kids - so they too can feel a connection to a new place - a place that holds history for them.

So - on St. Patricks Day, I want to share a few of my favorite places in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

On top of Cave Hill overlooking Belfast

The Botanical Gardens

University of Belfast - and the monument where Steve's relative's name is engraved.

Thanksgiving monument

Belfast Castle

We found a favorite bookstore (and some new friends!) and our favorite grocery. There was the best place to get a Guiness and my favorite bench in the city) Someday we will get to return. Until then, St Patrick's Day is a fun day to dream of going back.

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