Monday, March 7, 2011

More Thoughts on Pain

As I have been processing the ideas that have been discussed around here at Trailhead Church over the last few weeks, I keep coming back to the problem of pain. A specific thought has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. It is a mixture of words spoken at our women's retreat and also words from one of Steve's messages in Hebrews.

Steve was teaching about Jesus as God. God is outside of time. He is present in every point of Creation all the time, yet unkept by time. He is not confined. At our women's retreat Kristy spoke about not being alone in our times of pain. That our God hurts when we hurt. He is with us, fully present, when we are hurt. Putting those two thoughts together... Jesus is there when our world is the most devastating. In my worst moments - of abuse, or loneliness, or trauma - Jesus is there and knows my pain intimately. He is present with me in my suffering. Yet, since he is the "ever-present One", He is, at the same time, completely present with me when all is made right - even though I am not there yet. He is present when Shaloam is restored - when all things are made new. He sees the hurt but He also sees the restoration. What a glorious thought!

Scripture speaks of Jesus currently being seated beside God the Father. That, too, is outside of time. I can look forward to when I will no longer be constrained by time. I don't understand everything about heaven and eternity, but I do know I will spend it with Jesus, who suffered more for me than I will ever know. He sacrificed Himself to pay the debt of sin I owed. He is my Substitute. Because of that fact, I have been forgiven and will be eternally free from all the pain faced here on earth and I, too, will see all things made right, all things new.

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Sarah Guild said...

I did a tough questions night once with Abbie W. and your Steve was there. Thankfully, because I wasn't ready for the way one girl asked about suffering and pain. Steve said a lot of things, but one that absolutely stuck with me was that we have a Savior who endured tremendous suffering for us so He has felt our hurt and pain. He is not aloof and separate from our pain. He bore it on the cross.