Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Steve's Travels

Most of you know that Steve is traveling with a few others to visit our friend in a far away country.  Just to be safe I am not gonna mention her name or country.  But ask me in person, I love to tell people about her!!  Sadly, I was unable to go on this trip.  So Steve and I are apart for about ten days.  Whew, it has been a while since we have done this!  I have to work hard each day to trust God and the fight off the fearful thoughts that come.  This will always be my struggle - fear.  But God is good and gracious and glorious and great.  And He has faithfully kept the evil thoughts away.

Instead of giving in to fearful thoughts, I am focussing on prayer.  I have a list of ten things to pray for - one thing per day.  Want to join me?

Day One - Sunday - it has already come and gone - but just to fill you in, I prayed for Steve to be able to sleep on the plane.  The second leg of the trip was from Houston to Istanbul, Turkey.  That's thirteen hours, y'all.  Thirteen hours!  I prayed for lots and lots of sleep - to help the trip go by faster and to help with jet lag.  Happily I can report that according to a friend, "Steve ate dinner, fell asleep and woke up in time to eat breakfast!"  Hilarious and such a blessing!!  Thanks be to God!

Day Two - Monday - Praying for safe travels to his final destination and a happy reunion with our friend!  Success!  Thanks be to God!

Day Three - Tuesday - Praying for our children to be safe while Steve is away.  This one will keep going for all ten days.  Join me!

Day Four - Wednesday -Praying for no sickness.  This is about the time that others have visited and gotten sick.  Praying for no virus/cold or intestinal issues for anyone.

Day Five - Thursday -  Praying for encouragement for the team there - for favor and protection and blessing.  Asking God to give Steve and Chris discernment and wisdom and words of courage and joy to share.

Day Six - Friday - Praying for energy for Steve and Chris and Laura.  There is lots to see and do and higher altitude and different climate and different everything!  Praying that God will give them above and beyond the physical capacity to keep up.

Day Seven - Saturday - Praying for this particular town and its truly amazing people.

Day Eight - Sunday - Praying for fun sightseeing days (not sure when that will be exactly).  Praying for a good, relaxing time with friends.  Often the best conversations happen during those moments when you are exploring the beautiful world around you.  Hoping it is so!

Day Nine - Monday - Praying for my friend - that she will feel loved and encouraged and refreshed and will not be too sad that her friends are leaving.

Day Ten - Tuesday - Praying for safe travels back home.

I appreciate y'all for being willing to join me.  Thanks be to God!

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Kristy said...

praying!! I love that steve got sleep on the plane, as you asked God to give Him! I will join you each day.